Join an emotional wellness healing modality that helps to clear out suppressed emotions, stress and anxiety through a specific breathing technique with Drew as your instructor. Drew will create a safe space for you to feel seen, heard and felt in order for you to express and release these pent up emotions, which will allow you to think more clearly. This work is an inside journey and each session is different for each individual. This can be done with a group or solo.

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Conscious Fitness with Drew Manning is a new holistic approach to health and fitness. On this call Drew will create a safe space where you feel heard, seen and understood. He will also help you explore the physical side of fitness (macros, calories, workouts, supplements, etc.) to help you develop the most optimal strategy to help you on your health and fitness journey AND he will also help you explore the patterns/behaviors that have been holding you back on the mental/emotional side like emotional eating, cravings, self sabotage, lack of self worth/self love, and help you come up with a strategy to overcome those things.

So if you've felt stuck with other fitness plans and can't figure out why you can't just stay consistent and disciplined this conscious fitness coaching call is for you.

1 on 1 60 Minute Consultation


10 Minute Discovery Call


If you can’t figure out where to start and need some help deciding you can jump on a quick/free discovery call with Drew to determine which option is best for you on your journey.

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